Hearing Voices

We all have voices in our head. At least in the imagination. We internalize the opinions of other people. These voices provide a stream of consciousness narration on everything you do;

  • The healthiest things to eat to breakfast
  • The right clothes to wear to work
  • The perfect amount of hours to sleep at night

This is a good thing. Standing on the shoulders of giants, we can build our lives on collective wisdom. Yet we should always question who it is that we are letting inside our head.

I find that when I travel I fall out of the centrifugal force of popular culture. The world spins by. I get home to songs on the radio that I have never heard before. My friends talk about TV shows that I have never seen. On the front page of a magazine will be a celebrity that I have not even thought about while I was away.

The Celebrity Machine

This gets me questioning: why do we let celebrities into our head? In the media celebrities dole out lifestyle, fashion, and even health advice. But so often their only qualification is public exposure.

This is why I appreciate it when celebrities realise the value in their public exposure. The notion of celebrity gives certain people a voice and a reach. The publication Your Zen Life, by hollywood actresses Phoebe Tonkin and Teresa Palmer, lends out their public profile to provide a platform for writers and professionals to discuss healthy, mindful and sustainable living.

Therein lies the power of celebrity to do good: encouraging conversation. Even if that conversation is the one that plays out in your own mind.


Love Potions

I was lucky enough to have an article published in Your Zen Life today. Feel free to check it out: http://www.yourzenlife.com/post/love-potions-and-wanderlust-an-alchemist-s-guide-to-the-weekend

Here’s and excerpt:

Love Potions and Wanderlust: An Alchemists Guide to the Weekend.

In the souks of Marrakech a medicine man anointed my wrists with solid amber perfume. In the antique bath houses of Budapest I soaked up natural salts and minerals. I was massaged with olive oil in Santorini and scrubbed in the Hammams of Istanbul. These experiences led me full circle back to my jam jar and garden herbs. In my kitchen cupboard I found the same natural ingredients that were used across cultures to relax and rejuvenate. Hereafter, four organic foods that can be used to revive tired skin after a working week.

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