About Time


About Time

A confession: I have an ever engorged file on my computer with the lofty title

Words To Live By

What ensues is a compendium of quotes – Instagram worthy sentiments demanding of a loose calligraphy, bold font across a light-leaked landscape.

This is the latest entry…

Live as if you will die tomorrow – Learn as if you will live forever.

My first reaction: Travel. Go. Lose then find yourself in new landscapes. Meet people who introduce you to a new part of yourself. Eat things that remind you that there are so many tastes in the world that you are yet to try. Smell things that will create new paths of memory in your brain – one day they will take you back to the feeling of everything that is new and miraculous.

At second glance: Study. Go to university and collaborate. Meet people who think in different ways to you. Plot revolutions. Fall in and out of love. Join a club. Debate big ideas. Wear silly hats. Start a business. Party.

I have heard it said that sculptors don’t create images out of marble – they release the figure that was locked within the stone. In the same way, travel can help you chip away at the excess marble to  uncover your authentic self. So can university.

This is why I have started to collaborate with StudyBridge International – a publication promoting student exchange and international study. As Australian correspondent I have a chance to reflect on my university experiences both here and abroad. These reflections have led me to a realisation.

University, like travel, teaches you to live by actions as well as words.

You can read my first article for StudyBridge here:


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