Kiss & Make-Up

A Confession: For the most part of this year, I have not worn make-up.

I made a conscious decision to remove myself from an industry that exploits our insecurities for profit. They say that travel is the only thing that you can buy that makes you richer – In this spirit I mindfully chose to spend my money on moments, rather than make-up.

The irony is that I have started writing ‘beauty features’ for The New Betty. It took some time for me to resolve the conflict within myself: could I write about beauty products without perpetuating an ideal of beauty that I fundamentally disagreed with?

The beauty articles I have been writing work to question our notions of beauty. I have tried to communicate that beauty is relative and that make-up should be about creativity and individuality.

My first article distances itself from the beauty industry, focusing on natural remedies made from ingredients found in the kitchen cupboard. It draws from all the beautiful women that I have met as I travelled, and the feminine tradition that they have welcomed me into.

I have included an excerpt below.


Natural Beauty Remedies from Around the World

Wanderlust (n.) An unshakable desire to see the world.

We are told that Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost.

The truth: They are looking for something. After all, sometimes you have to get lost to find yourself. If we are ever to discover the answer to Life, The Universe and Everything we should see as much of the universe as possible. So we start with earth.

The faraway has much to teach us about home. Wanderlust may be the desire to see the world, but it also makes you see yourself with new eyes.

For this reason, after a year traveling across six continents, I found myself standing in my kitchen pantry.  My experiences led me full circle, back to my kitchen. By getting lost I had found a rich cultural legacy of natural beauty remedies.

The best part: these organic treatments were easy to recreate at home. Hereafter, four natural remedies – souvenirs from around the world.


Tea Tree lakes are a naturally occurring phenomenon in Australia. Tea Tree plants are well known for the medicinal qualities of their oil – often used as a natural ingredient in organic cleansers, spot-treatments and shampoos.

To recreate a Tea Tree lake at home pace a few drops of Tea Tree oil (widely available in stores throughout the U.S) in a warm bath.

For Natural Beauty remedies from Morocco, Greece and Sri Lanka see the full article here.

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