Holidays and Health: A Love Story

This time last year, my entire food pyramid resembled a gingerbread house. Mulled wine and chocolate formed the foundation of my diet.

A year and a few continents later, I have reconciled those starcrossed lovers; namely holidays and healthy habits.

Now I travel towards a blurred existence – a place where the lines are smudged between holiday and everyday, healthiness and happiness, dreaming and reality. What follows is a compendium of these lessons – pressed, dried and artfully arranged for The New Betty.

How Your Next Holiday Could Make You Healthier

Holiday. The word could be synonymous for dreaming. Both denote a break from reality. Within our dreamscape we are freed from the laws of physics – liberated from gravity, space and time. On holiday, these laws bend as we cut the strings that tie us down, travel to new places and will time to slow. We when go on vacation we vacate the everyday reality of our lives.

If we take a holiday to escape routine, why do we assume that we will replace routine with bad habits? Ice cream, holiday flings, sleeping in, lazy days and cocktails –  a getaway is easily mistaken for escapism. What we often don’t realise, however, is that a holiday can contain all of these things and still be an opportunity to establish healthy habits.

A call to arms: we need to stop associating holidays with gluttony and excess. We need to stop feeling guilty about taking time off work and getting away for a while – indulging our senses as well as our sense of adventure. Taking more holidays could be the secret to improving your happiness, your career and even your health. Hereafter, five ways that your next holiday could make you healthier.

For my top five tips to keep fit and healthy while you travel see here

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