Head Full of Clouds

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I am in the midsts of dreaming and scheming- Plotting my way to art school. Some where. Anywhere. Possibly Prague.

I like the idea of a paint-splattered existence. Overalls slipping off my shoulders, working in natural light. The problem is that I don’t know how to paint. Or draw. I have always thought that this disqualified me from art school.

A recent realisation: School is where you go to learn stuff that you don’t know.

Google tells me that we are not completely sure why we dream. It has something to do with processing information and experience. This is the the best part of working as a writer – the osmosis between life and work. Each seeps in to the other. Splashes of watercolour on a page.

This explains my most recent article for Studybridge International, about the best arts schools in Australia.

Note: I am on my best behaviour when writing for study bridge. Barely any mention of day dreams or dappled light. Sigh.


Here’s an extract.

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”

Maya Angelou

Studying the creative arts is a unique opportunity for inspiration and insight. Developing your creative talents will not only deepen your creativity, but will also teach you the art of critical thinking: a way of looking at the world.

Sometimes, studying the arts raises a question: what job will you get out of it? The answer: creative arts can prepare you for life in today’s globalised society. In today’s world, the interconnection of problems and opportunities are best met by thinkers who are comfortable with ambiguity and complexity. That is why the arts remain an important part of tertiary education.

You can’t use your creativity up. When you study the creative arts you set yourself up for a rich life, where you find reward and happiness is your own talents. Developing your creative side could be the key to understanding your self and contributing to the world around you.

Top picture by Salvador Dali, Photographed by me in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

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