Daydreaming Out Loud


Confession: I have a habit of daydreaming out loud. You might have seen me before, mouthing my thoughts – my inner voice emerging in murmurs. It’s pretty embarrassing.

Then, there are other those other times – when something so monumental passes that it changes me in some fundamental way. A shift in perception. A change of mind. It is these times that I wish my thoughts were laid bare – sun dried – so that those who knew me could see this change.

I believe that if you have traveled you know this feeling. The feeling of returning home to find that nothing has really changed – except for your self. You will know the struggle to communicate this change, to put words to your thoughts, and these words into willing ears.   

Good journalism can be like travel. Every now and then you can come across an article that will change the way you think as much just as that time at the markets in Morocco; That guy in the favelas of Rio; That epiphany that you had at 3am in the shadows of La Tour Eiffel. A shift in perception. A change of mind.

So here is me, day dreaming out loud. What follows is a list of articles I have read this year, that have changed the way I see the world. Thanks for being those willing ears.


Pizza Hut’s 2,880-calorie monster: a taste of a burgeoning global food crisis by Jay Rayner.

With wry humor,  Jay Rayner completely changed the way that I think about food in a single article. Available at:

The Danger of the Monster Myth by Tom Meagher

In this bravely personal piece, the husband of the late Jill Meagher asserts that ‘casual’ sexism can be just as frightening as the monster that killed his wife. Available at:

Life in a “degrowth’ economy and why you might actually enjoy it by Samuel Alexander

When you travel you learn the value of collecting moments over things. Samuel Alexander takes this sentiment and magnifies it to a global scale. Available at:

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