Super Foods

Life is all about balance.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction – There is joy in this truth. There is happiness in dancing in heels on Saturday night and barefoot yoga on Sunday morning. Life is better when we are bold enough to seek adventures faraway, yet patient enough to find peace within ourselves.

The following is an extract from an article that I wrote for The New Betty, on how the laws of physics still apply in our pantry. 


If you were a Super Hero, what Super Power would you have?

It was one of those questions that hung over my childhood. Similarly, who would win in a fight between Batman and Superman? Catwoman and Wonder Woman?

Super Heroes were a fixation throughout our childhoods, but I’m beginning to wonder if in adult life anything has changed. In a way we still seek the Deus Ex Machina – the intervention of that all- powerful entity to save the day.

Enter Stage Right: Super Foods

Super Foods have become the superheroes of our time.

As we grew up, we realised the power of the ordinary. It became clear that it was our friends and family who would be there for us in our times of need – not some all-powerful stranger.

Perhaps it is now time for us to apply the same logic to our pantry. Maybe it is in the ordinary foods that true power lies. It is, of course, fantastic to incorporate super foods into your diet, but not at the expense of the regular foods that nourish us.

Now, I am asking myself some new questions: who would win in a fight between coconut water and plain- old water? Almond milk and regular milk. Goji berries and strawberries?

You can find the fruits of my research here.

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