Bohemian Rhapsody

For me, travel is a battle between dreaming and doing. I feel a constant tension between foresight and spontaneity.

I aspire to both Einstein’s hair and his outlook. In his words, Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world. As I attempt my own, staggered, circumnavigation, I follow in my mind’s wake. Chasing adventure but trailing dreams.

On the one hand, I’m a mood board kind of girl. I love the process of planning my travels: rifling through google images and plotting out vintage shops like a treasure map. Imagination is everything.

On the other, I hope that my life story is written in the present tense. Carpe diem, etceteras. You know the drill. I travel to find a space where dreaming is doing. Paulo Coelho said that Freedom is not the absence of commitments, but the ability to commit yourself to what is best for you. Such is life on the road. In this case, spontaneity is everything.

Yesterday afternoon I lay on the daybed on our sun dappled veranda. With my back towards the sea, I stared into the abyss – namely my laptop and the thousands of accommodation options in Prague. My body soaked in Moroccan sunlight but my mind was in Bohemia. As glorious as that sounds, I am pretty sure that this is a bad thing.

The fruit of my search was the apartment shown in all its backlit glory below. I chose it because it perfectly matched the picture in my head: the artists life in prague. High ceilings, break of day, bare legs, morning light, writing desk and sweet dreams. Check.

Airbnb for the win. You’ve probably already heard me exalt the virtues of airbnb: It costs less money for a more authentic experience. I consider this artist’s flat as the next in a long line of successes. Although I have had a good deal of luck when booking airbnb last minute, yesterday afternoon proved that that foresight offers more choice. Early bird indeed.

Problems arise when dreams don’t track with reality. I am all too painfully aware of this. Yet, as I write this I am happy to be where I am, and delighted to know where I am headed. I am pretty sure that this is a good thing.

P.S Any Airbnb recommendations that you might have, I am all ears.




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